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Helpful Tips about Storing & Moving Your Goods

Whether you are planning a move or simply want to store your valuables and personal collectibles in a safe place, A-1 Storage has affordable solutions to meet your needs. The following are some helpful tips to save you time and stress when storing your goods.

1. Purchase a good quality lock, use it, and keep close track of the keys.

2. Use boxes or plastic tubs with lids to store smaller or irregularly shaped items. Try to keep the containers approximately the same size and stack them with the heaviest on the bottom to avoid causing damage to the contents.

3. Placing pallets on the floor of your storage unit will allow air to circulate more easily, aiding ventilation and preventing condensation. It is also a good idea to wipe down tools and other metal surfaces with an oily rag to keep them from rusting.

4. Position large or heavy items in the unit first and then pack smaller, lighter objects around them or on top of them.

5. Store valuable items such as fine furnishings, cameras and electronics in unlabeled boxes and place them towards the rear of your storage unit.

6. Books should be packed flat into boxes to protect their spines. Never store books or other paper products directly on the floor. Books are heavy, so don’t use oversized packing boxes.

7. Fragile items such as windows, screens and mirrors should be stored on edge and individually packaged in cardboard or other protective material if possible. Likewise, dishes and glasses should be wrapped individually and a towel or packing paper placed on the top and bottom to prevent damage if the box is bumped or mishandled.

8. Protect mattresses and furniture with plastic coverings to keep out dirt and moisture. For best results, stand the item on end and cover the floor beneath with a wooden pallet or cardboard.

9. Anything that contains an open space, such as washers and dryers and dresser drawers, offers extra storage space for clothing, blankets, photographs and other small items. Be sure to secure doors and drawers during transport to avoid mishaps.

10. Some items are not allowed to be placed in storage for safety reasons. These items include live animals, explosives or fireworks, flammable liquids or fuels, perishable goods and illegal goods or substances.

Insuring Your Property

Protecting your property with insurance while it is in storage does not guarantee that nothing will happen to it, but it does provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you will be able to replace your goods if an accident or loss does occur. Check your homeowner’s policy or ask your insurance provider if you have coverage while your valuables are being stored. If not, you may want to consider adding a rider or additional coverage to your policy. After all, you wouldn’t bother to store your goods if they weren’t worth protecting.

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